Hutto & Associates

The founders of Hutto & Associates have dedicated their entire lives learning how to reduce taxes and protect their client’s assets. There is nothing more frustrating for a taxpayer than to spend his or her entire life building a business or a professional degree only to pay 30% to 35% of their income to the government in federal income taxes.

It is even more frustrating to learn in the middle of your 20-year career that your tax professional could have done better because you have overpaid the IRS enough money to pay for your retirement home in the mountains or on the lake.

That’s why we combine the expertise of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with the expertise of the Attorney. The CPA/Attorney offers a higher level of Tax Strategies and opportunities to reduce both Federal and State taxes. Tax Attorneys learn how to argue your tax position using case law where the IRS took a taxpayer to court and the IRS lost. We can advise you to take the same tax position where the taxpayer won and the IRS lost.

We at Hutto and Associates know how to reduce your taxes legally and protect your assets without having to resort to tax shelters. And we assure you that our CPA certification and legal education is not just some time spent in classes to earn the diplomas. We have practicing litigation attorneys who have trials multiple times a year, if not every month.

But our pledge to you is to never be more expensive than your current CPA firm. We have never charged for a first meeting since 1998, no matter how long it takes.  We do not want to penalize the taxpayer just for meeting with a CPA /tax attorney.  We want to get the word out in order to grow your business and ours.